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Where and how to buy diamonds has changed.  Making an online purchase is one of the most cost effective ways to buy an engagement ring, jewellery or loose diamonds. Not only do you enjoy a larger selection of quality diamonds.  But by dealing direct with a diamond wholesaler, you buy at unbeatable prices too.  Although this sounds good, many online diamond buyers are caught out, sending money overseas for poor quality gems.  Or diamonds that never arrive.

Ice Envy is an Australian diamond company, based in Melbourne.  We present only the finest cut diamonds for your selection.  And our gemologist checks every stone before it ships to you.  So even though we offer price matching and a 14 day money back guarantee ... you'll never need to rely on them.

Terms and Conditions

All diamond prices listed on the web site are subject to change without notice.

Procedure of Purchase

1. Once you have notified us of your interest in purchasing a diamond from Ice Envy, a "request to purchase" form will be forwarded to you.

2. When we receive your purchase request and your nominated method of payment, we move forward securing your diamond. We cannot guarantee any stone on hold if the funds are not cleared into the account of Ice Envy.

3. Subject to the availability of the diamond, it will be placed on hold for 24 hours. The diamond price is fixed for 24 hours, providing time for payment to be arranged. Beyond the 24 hours the price may change due to external idiosyncrasies beyond our control.

4. If the chosen diamond becomes unavailable during the course of the transaction, we will gladly refund the full amount paid, or, locate for you a replacement diamond. 

5. You will be notified when the funds have been cleared enabling your purchase to proceed. 

Tourist and Australians residents travelling overseas.Tourists and/or Australian citizens who qualify a claim from paid GST, please refer to the documentation on this link.

Payment options

  • Ice Envy is registered with "PayPal" service if required.
  • Netbank Transfer • Direct bank transfer. (Attention, Bank transfers may take 24 hours to appear in our account).
  • Credit Card payment, we accept:-
    • "Visa" (please add their 1% commission to our quoted price)
    • "MasterCard" (Please add their 1% commission to our quoted price)
    • "Amex" (Please add their 3.5% commission to our quoted price)
    • Bank Cheque 

The diamond is considered sold "only", after confirmation of the funds having been cleared into Ice Envy Bank account. Via Bank transfer or Bank Cheque, if the funds do not clear into the account within the stipulated 24 hour limit, At the discretion of Ice Envy, the product or price may or may not be held for a period beyond the 24 hours. 

Please fax Ice Envy:

  • The completed attached form.
  • Copy of the signature side of your credit card.
  • Copy of your driver’s license. 

Please fax to Ice Envy at +61 3 9654 5137. Our Credit Card Security accounts authorization department.


Free delivery for city and metropolitan areas of our Ice Envy offices. Australian interstate, country & Overseas delivery Incur courier charges 
10-15 working days from the date of purchase (exceptions - custom delays). If manufacturing a product is a request, the jeweller requires an additional 10-12 days to produce the article. All products are despatched via courier service allowing you to track your delivery via the Internet. If "Special" delivery arrangements are a requirement, this can be made and confirmed prior to despatch.

Refunds and Guarantee

All refunds will be considered, if the following verbiage has been followed: A full refund will be made if the selected diamond becomes unavailable. Every diamond is checked before it is sent to you in the event it is not acceptable to Ice Envy, we will refund your money or find you an alternative stone.

Ice Envy offers 14 day money back, if you are not satisfied with a diamond purchase (This only applies to diamonds imported specifically from overseas at the customer’s request). Refunds will not apply if the customer has viewed and purchased a diamond stocked in our offices of Ice Envy, or if the diamond has been mounted or set by an external identity. When a diamond is returned, it will be also inspected by an external qualified diamond grader to verify and ensure the correct item has been returned before the refund is settled. Returns must have their original invoicing, Certificates are to be the "original" certificates, in an acceptable condition or a replacement will be ordered, and the cost will be deducted from the refund amount.

Refunds will be paid if the diamond is returned within the "14 day money back guarantee", the amount of the diamond will be refunded less the original shipping cost. The refund will be in the same manner of the original payment (credit card, bank transfer etc) except Bank Cheque; refunds take approximately 7 working days to process.

Privacy policy

We guarantee your personal information including credit card details, address, email and phone numbers will not be shared with any outside identity. 

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