Envy Cut Diamonds

Let there be light. Brilliance is the measure of an Envy Cut Diamond. Custom-cut to world class standards exclusively for Ice Envy. Our flagship Envy Cut takes the finest loose diamonds and aligns every facet to exacting angles and proportions. So Envy Cut diamonds are unparalleled in radiant light and brilliant beauty.

Diamonds A Cut Above

 Cut influences diamond beauty like nothing else.  Drawing on advanced Sarin Technology, Ice Envy cutters create a union of science and nature.  Every facet of every gem including character, clarity, carat weight and colour, is scrutinised to ensure utmost integrity in every diamond. Nothing less will bear the Ice Envy name. Individually tailored Envy Cut brings out the utter brilliance in each diamond.

Available as certified and uncertified stones, your personal choice includes:

  • a variety of diamond shapes, to finest Ice Envy cut grade
  • authentication by GIA, IGI, HRD or AGS certificates
  • independent diamond grading lab report

You will recognise the incandescent sparkle of your Envy Cut diamond instantly. For only the best diamond engagement rings and near to perfection in diamond jewelry. But why not ensure immediate identification of your rare stone with laser inscription? Your diamond’s certification number permanently etched into its girdle. Invisible yet instant security to protect your investment.

A Diamond that's Truly Yours

Your Envy Cut diamond may be rare, but its significance to you is wholly unique. So why not add a precious little extra to your diamond? A private laser inscribed message makes any diamond truly yours. Simply ask our diamond specialists about personalising your Envy Cut diamond. The ultimate finishing touch to the finest diamond. 

Diamonds cut out for superlative beauty in every facet. Envy Cut diamonds – superior sparkle in every facet.

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